no upcoming oil change, vw passat & toyota yaris, which cleaner to add for highway trips?

Sep 14, 2015
ne & sw
i’m planning highway trips in both my n.e. 109,000 mile (to me at 9,000 miles), ex-cpo, 2013 vw passat 2.5 and s.w. 64,000 mile (to me at 42,000 miles), ex-hertz, 2014 toyota yaris 1.5 in the next month. both need no oil change needed for at least six more months, both are well maintained. tires are continental and yokomama respectively with pressure 4psi over door jamb. gas for passat is consistently shell, chevron or exxon, for yaris gas is split bewteen arco, sinclair, pilot or aafes. passat’s mpg is 25/35, yaris mpg is 26/33 (4sp auto trans needs 1-2 more gears for better highway mpg). i haven’t noticed any driving hiccups.

i’m thinking of adding a fuel system cleaner to each car before its highway trip, but absent an immediate oil change, just because… comments: necessary? which one? if it ain’t broke don’t fix it? thanks!
Techron should be added before a stint of LOCAL DRIVING because it works to dissolve crusties from the injector nozzles upon shutdown.
I do not know about the Regane or Red Line products.
So you aren't expressing a problem but seems like you want to keep up with maintenance? Is that the issue? If so, a Techron or Redline treatment won't harm anything. I'd add that fluid changes matter more and if you are using top-tier gas part of the added cost includes cleaners. When I was younger I dumped FI cleaner in my vehicles but as I've aged I realized in a well-maintained engine these are largely unneeded.