New Tires Time , many choices here...(tire pic!)

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Aug 14, 2010
Northern Kentucky
Okay it looks like it's new tire time for my Buick. Currently I have over sized rims/tires from a Regal with 6.5 inch rims and 215/70/15 tires, (Stock size is 6 inch rim and 205/70/15 tires) the front two are only a year old but the back two are much older and the inside 25%+ is completely bald. I just had them rotated in the back when I got the new front tires side to side and I noted they were evenly wearing but not anymore. The front two tires are a solid 7/32+ at all grooves, the backs are bad, they are 5/32 at the outermost groove, 4/32 at the next one, right at the wear bar at the 3rd groove, and bald at the last groove. So I am possibly dealing with a rear suspension issue or maybe I just need to rotate more often than once every 10k miles? If I get two of the same tires in the 215/70/15 oversize option it will be $220 they are mastercraft avenger gts, that's option #1... Option #2, I am considering getting 4 new tires in the oem size of 205/70/15 which will cost substantially more, but maybe it will wear more even with the stock size and I will finally get out of the only buying two tires at a time game. Plus I might be able to recoup some of the cost if I keep the two good tires and re sale on Craigslist? I doubt anyone would be interesting in the ones that are worn on the inner tread. The one thing that I'm thinking about is the rim width, the rims I have are 6.5 inch wide but oem is 6.0 so going back to oem Tire size with a wider rim might not be ideal but it's only a half inch...will that matter? If I do decide to get 4 new tires what should I get? Here are my options, heavily favoring tire discounters since i will get a free alignment, but i am option to options if they are better. All prices listed are total per tire installed.. Michelin Defender $170 Goodyear Assurance Fuelmax $158 Cooper CS5 Grand Touring $143 Toyo Versado LX $139 Yokohama AVID Ascend $138 Hankook Optimo H727 $136 Dunlop Signature II $134 BF Goodrich Advantage T/A $133 Toyo Extensa A/S $132 Hankook Optimo H724 $128 Falken Sincera Touring SN211 $124 Yokohama AVID Touring-S $122 I really like the Michelin Defenders, but that is probably a bit more money than i want to put down for tires at one time, my top priority is tire life/grip, i do not care about noise if a tire is excellent in either of the two categories. The defenders are rated for 90,000 miles, but it just seems like a lot of money when you buy 4 at a time. The goodyears are on special, i can get $75 off the total if i buy 4, so those look enticing. Do any of the tires models stand out? Either good or ones to avoid? Also here is a picture of what the bad tires look like, because a thread is always better with pictures! One picture of each side. Drivers side on top, pass side on bottom.
Well, find out what's going on with the rear alignment(actually the whole alignment). I see no Conti's, Pirelli's, nor General's! Would you put the General AltiMAX RT43 as a consideration? Or are they not available at your dealer? or in your size? IDK! It could be the extra 1/2" width wheel but, I doubt it! The MasterCraft Avenger GTS are not a great tire from those whom I know using/have used them. They wear funny(differs per vehicle) and become very noisy in most cases. Many folks say that the Avenger GTS are Cooper CS4's. But, I have the CS4's and I don't see it! smirk You've listed a lot of good tires and I'd be inclined to go for the NEW Cooper CS5's as Cooper is really touting these tires! Can't go wrong with the Michelin Defender's either. But, it's more along the line of what do you really need and what are you looking for in a tire beyond longevity. They'll all have a loooooong wearout warranty. The Century is kind of a mushy riding car(a good thing I guess) so, you'll want to take that into consideration. How much of the ride are you willing to give up with some of the tire options. The Defenders can ride a bit harsh according to some reviews. The Hankook H727's could be your best choice for ride but, you'll give up the wet grip. The Hankook H724 and G/Y FuelMax don't really score high in their testing or customer reviews but, others may disagree! The Yoko Avid Touring S were OK once but getting old(er) now and the Assend's are LRR, IIRC! Everything else on your list(IIRC) is just OK! Some positive/some negative!!! I'd buy('cause this is what I do) 4 new tires and sell off the ones that are sellable! Make sure your suspension is in good condition and the alignment is very good! The Century is a nice car and I'd hate to see you get the wrong tire(No harshness). The Cooper Grand Touring CS5's would be my 1st choice as I think they'll offer a nice balance for your Buick! But, I have no real world experience with them. If all you did was drive in a straight line, I'd go for the Hankook H727's but, you have to turn the steering wheel! smile And the H727's don't like poor alignments. They're not forgiving in that area! Have you read any Tire Rack Customer Reviews? This could help you more than my opinion or the opinion others but, TR doesn't carry Coopers!
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Altimax RT43's are good, as are CS4/CS5's Personal experience says skip the Goodyears If you have/use Costco, there doing $70 off a set of 4 Michelin's, so take that into account. Keep an eye out for Continental TrueContacts, love mine, and good value.
The rear toe is adjustable on W-bodys. IDK if that's a toe issue or if the tires were shot on the front before you got the car and rotated to the back. But if you get a "4 wheel alignment" check to see if they do anything back there.
Here's some reviews from thetirerack on Buick Century's. Though it covers many years of Century's(no pun) and only a few of your particular generation Century. It's a starting place. Good Luck! EDIT: Sometimes these TR Links timeout! Sorry if it does smile And surprisingly, on the TR Reviews, the H727's reviewed quite well with BUICK owners overall. But, the reviews covered lots of different Buick models!
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Been a fan of cooper tires as of late...I run a set on my truck...also have the altimax rt43 on the kids car and worn down pretty good, still did pretty well this winter.
Just curious, where are you getting those tire prices? They seem a little high to me, especially considering the tire size. I made a quick search on TR and they have the RT43 for $68 a piece (before shipping and mounting). (T-Rated, no H rated RT43 in that size). The RT43s are supposed to be a great value. BTW, TireRack's search is weird, I clicked to search by size and they claim there are no tires that fit 205/70R15. I search specific tires and click for the other sizes and they're in stock and available.
Yeha Edward you're right! The Tire Rack site can be weird. Depending on how you put in the tire search, will depend on how many tires show up for an application...I too have experienced this! I always put in the tire size and get every tire in that size...all speed rating, touring, HP, winter etc. Then I narrow down my search! This is how it works for me, anyway!
Weird! I must have had some qualifier clicked accidentally because 205/70R15 shows up just fine now. All the tires I checked that are 205/70 show that the approved width is 5-7", so the wider wheel you have shouldn't be an issue at all.
Originally Posted By: 901Memphis
Okay it looks like it's new tire time for my Buick.
Based on the pictures posted, it looks like ti was new tire time 9 months ago.
901Memphis: use for prices. the national tire chains may be willing to match prices (NTB does). Stay away from the Hankooks based on my experiences with both that you listed. Not worth it. I just bought Cooper CS5. Very impressed so far. and the price is very good. I've heard good things about the Generals. Take a look at Costco, Sam's Club, BJ's, etc. They run specials and have great installations deals and warranties.
I'm at Tire discounters now, they didn't have what I wanted but they have the oversized Cooper cs5 in Stock I'm going to get them after they check my alignment to see if it needs a rear toe adjustment. The size I should be getting is 215/70/15
I've had very good luck with Michelins(Pilot Super Sport, Premier A/S) as well as the Cooper Zeon RS3-A. I think the CS5 is an excellent choice.
You should also price out the General Altimax line. The older Altimax tires are on clearance with a number of sites and are a pretty good all-around choice. We've had them on a couple of cars and have found them to be good. The newer RT43 seems to be a very good all-around tire, judging by what people have posted here. I'm not sure that I'd pop for the Michelin Defender. This seems to be a pretty hard compound tire, judging by its treadwear rating, so might not be all that great in the snow that you see on your side of the river. It's also not a great value for the money. A quick glance at Tire Rack shows that the Altimax RT or RT43 or the Kumho Sense would be less costly that any of the tires you've listed, even allowing for shipping and twenty buck a corner for mount and balance. Treaddepot and tires-easy would also be good sites to look at for pricing. Even if you don't want to order tires, you can probably get a local to price-match an online price with shipping. I've put the Sense on a couple of the fleet vehicles at work but haven't owned a set myself, so I can't vouch for them. They do have a number of good reviews, though. I will vouch for the Generals, since they've been very good in our use. You've listed the Goodyear Assurance Fuelmax above. Tire Rack has these on special for much less money should you decide that they'd be the tire for you.
Already getting the CS5 touring, it's up in the air now. They said I need front inner tie rod on drivers side and the rear suspension link that has the toe adjustment is bent on one side. I will have to get my mechanic to replace that when I get my new transmission in a couple weeks and come back for my free 4 wheel alignment.
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