Need to replace oil pan in the odyessy, which?

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Aug 31, 2014
As the subject line suggests I need to replace the oil pan in the 2011 Odyssey Touring Elite. Should I go OEM on this or get something like a Dorman 264-380. I really value your input on this as I'm worried the non-OEM will not hold up or fit right. Anyone have experience with this? Thank You!
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Thanks PimTac. Cracked it putting an aftermarket plug in it. Not a Fumoto.
There's nothing wrong with a Dorman pan. Just use good quality sealant. Either "The Right Stuff" or OEM Honda-bond.
An OEM oil pan is $80. Go to a dealer and if they wanna charge you full tilt MSRP, tell them you can buy one from a dealer that does online sales for $80; if you can match the price, I'll buy one today.
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Thanks PimTac. Cracked it putting an aftermarket plug in it. Not a Fumoto.
You get a pass on BITOG because your not a dealer-otherwise this thread would be 6 pages long about how incompetent someone else is cracking the oil pan.
I have used Dorman oil and transmission pans with good results. Only advise is you have the time is fully temp install the pan dry for a day to get and flex memory out of the stamping and the bolt holes to mount up. Doing it with a 15 minute tack cure with RTV already on the pan and getting the holes to align and bolts inserted can be a pain.
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I have a Dorman transmission pan on my Buick, no problems with fit and finish.
Maybe their oil pans are OK, but I watched a guy on YouTube installing a Dorman made lower intake manifold on his Buick 3800. The V-angle of the lower intake manifold did not match the cylinder heads. The part did not seal and caused a huge internal leak. Oil pan was full of coolant.
You could probably get one from the junkyard at a good price. Oil pans don't normally go bad smile OEM is probably better than Dorman, but I recommend Dorman pans for transmissions that don't have a drain plug because Dorman includes one. If the OEM pan has a drain plug, or for any engine oil pan, get OEM.
is the original pan a stamped steel pan, or a cast aluminum pan ? I can see the cast pans being significantly higher priced. I am not suggesting they are interchangeable though. How good a shape is the Honda ? If its in real good shape and you want to keep it long term, then that might give you more justification for the OEM.
It appears to be a cast aluminum pan. The OEM can be had for $80 mail-order (Bernardi or other on-line wholesaler) and RockAuto has a Spectre (the radiator people) version for $53.00. I have replaced the oil pan on a Toyota Camry and I chose to go OEM. If I were to do it again I'd get the aftermarket pan and save the cost difference. Often the aftermarket will have a drain plug/gasket while the OEM will be only the pan. For ref: Honda P/N 11200-RN0-A01 or 11200-5MH-A00. I don't know the difference but these are the two part numbers that come up on Honda's parts catalog.
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