Need help with Black car

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May 28, 2003
I have a black car with really nice paint. I use Liquid Glass on the car once a year. It is a garage queen that is only used on the highway for long trips. Problem is when I run my fingers over the car the paint feels like a very fine sand paper. It looks very nice when washed but I feel the finish could look better. Where would you start with the finish to get it into top condition. 1. Do I need to strip off the Liquid Glass 2. Claybar it? Where do I get one? And they do come with instructions? 3. Do I have to seal it? With what? 4. Use the Liquid Glass or another locally available wax? This one area of car maintenance I'm almost totally clueless. Thanks Al
clay bar it instructions on box. spray the provided liquid and rub the clay bar, super simple and easy, then have a super slick surface to pick your teeth with. Javier
Clay Magic is a highly rated OTC clay on other detailing forums. I have it and like it much better than the Meguiars clay. You can get it at Autozone for around $12. As for waxes or sealants, I use Duragloss products that are OTC like 501 and 105.
I never use the spray that comes with the Clay. Lots of soapy water works just as well and doesn't harm the paint. Makes the job easier and faster!
Wash, clay, wash, machine polish, seal. Liquid glass is a sealant but your paint has become contaminated.
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