Need Advice on '91 F150 with 5.0

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Sep 21, 2011
I've never owned a Ford in my life. Considering making the drive to look at this one on Craigslist. Does this seem like a good deal? Was this a good engine/transmission?
Any experiences/thoughts would be appreciated.
'91 F150 4x4 on Craigslist
Yep, I've heard the inline 6 is really good. However, I'm being temped on this 5.0 because it's listed under $1500 and sounds/looks like it is actually in decent shape. The owner says it neither burns or leaks oil and is 100% ready to be a dd.
It's about 80 mile drive, but might go look at it soon. For what I will use it for, I've set $1500 as my limit...and have been looking around for about 3 months and really only finding some really rough stuff for that price.
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Probably an AOD or AODE trans being a '91 5.0.

I would be most concerned about the rust.

So that trans has a decent record? Unless the rust appears a lot worse in-person, I can live with that.
The 302 v8 is one of fords best engines it's not any better than the 4.9 however the 4.9 has more low end grunt. They're both reliable strong units and condition is more important than engine design.
It looks like the owner took pride in the vehicle (which is never a bad thing) body seems good except for a little rust but that's common up north.
If it runs and drives good, it's worth $1400. Don't sweat the little stuff. It will still be worth that 5 years from now.
I'm going up to drive it today.
Just spoke to the owner on the phone. He told me everything he knows of that is less than great:
* thinks the starter solenoid is going out and will eventually need replaced
* A/C works but could stand to be charged
* will need new rear tires before snowfall
* body rust, but not as bad as most Fords this age around here, no rust inside the bed
I really appreciate all the feedback on my post! I drove, but didn't end up buying this truck. I posted the link to the specific ad, so I won't comment beyond that I didn't buy it, but still appreciate your advice. I'm going to keep looking around.
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