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Oct 20, 2002
I have a 1993 4.3CPI Blazer.....125k on her and really low oil consumption. I use it to tow my boat which is about 3500LBS on the trailer. Cold oil pressure at idle in gear is45-50psiand hot psi is about 20-25psi at idle in gear. Now pulling the boat at about 60MPH for an hour is the hardest use it will see.When stopped at idle in gear I will see a about 15-20psi.Then touch the gas again and it's about 40 psi quickly. I have only had this truck for a few weeks and have yet to change the oil.The oil looks fair that is in it.But black and a little burned smelling. I was thinking about running some Rotella Syn or other HD Deisel oil in it....would like to see the oil psi come up a bit and be more stable.Thanx
I'm not sure you need a HD oil, but Rotella T Synthetic would be a good choice. You'll probably see somewhat higher oil pressure, assuming it's got 5w30 in it now.
The local Wally World has a couple Rotella Syn. jugs for $10.87....four quarts I beleive....what about the 1300....It's only about $6....kinda tight this week and don;t want to run the boat and trailer another 120 miles without changing the oil....
Okay what weight should I get??.......or look for?? The local Wally World here had been doing some remodeling so stuff is moving around and getting switched out between two stores....the oil supplies are on sale at both "super wallies".....they have everything from Motorcraft to the Rotella Syn and great prices
The official recomendation "new" is 10w30. With those miles I would put 15w40 in it, and for trailering if you don't want to go the synthetic route, go the Group II route. Something like Delo.
Originally posted by shorgasm: Okay what weight should I get??.......or look for??
U don't have a choice with the 1300 or 400 both are 15W-40. The Rotella Syn is 5W-40
I got a 4.3V6 GMC Sierra (wife had it before we got married, why not a V8, I'll never know!!!!) I too pull a boat, 18 footer, inboard Mercruiser/Alpha setup, and have noticed the same situation. Exact same thing happens to my truck, which has 90K on it, 5 speed using good ol' Pennz. 10W-30. However, the boat gets pulled when it's 125 ka-jillion degrees down here in SW Oklahoma. I know it gets hot in Florida too, but not as hot as here. As long as your engine has oil pressure, don't worry about it. Yes, you can bring up the psi's by increasing your oil weights, but you also increase your oil pressure as you increase your rpm's, direct relationship. You said you aren't burning oil, so your good to go. Oil will thin out with an increase in temperature, period. Anyway, like I said, my truck does the same thing and haven't noticed any problems with it.
I would worry about the transmission overheating more so than the engine, especially if it's an automatic, that's the type of thing you don't know damage is happening to until it's too late (speaking from experience) [freaknout]
I agree with FMF, the transmission is more at risk. I would completely flush and fill with redline, amsoil or mobil 1 synthetic ATF. If it doesn't alrady have a transmission air cooler, I would add one.
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