Nasty Scratches From Concrete Spatters

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Dec 26, 2005
Upper Midwest
My daughter returned from school with all these little specks on her car. At first I thought they were tree sap and I was going to try and clean them off. Before I had a chance she tried herself, and it turns out they are concrete splatters, she must have been following a leaking truck or parked in some construction zone or something. Anyway, they are stuck down like - concrete. I bought some concrete dissolving stuff I found on the Internet (RoMix) that was supposed to remove it. Nada, didn’t do squat. I found the only way to get the specks off was to pick each one off with my fingernail as I held the vacuum to take away the abrasive dust. There are thousands on the car. But where she washed the car and rubbed the concrete particles (the hood, the roof and the trunk lid) there are some pretty major scratches in the clear coat. I tried buffing them out with rubbing compound but they are too deep for it to come out completely. What kind of compound would you use with a buffer to get out deepish scratches?
Check the windshield as well. Dad ended up with some tiny concrete splatters on the windshield of his work truck. The next time that the wipers were turned on... scratched windshield! As far as what to use? Maybe a good local auto detailer could guide you.
After washing with some Dawn, I'd try some clay on it with lots of lube. A heavy car wash solution will work for the lube. Work in small sections. Apply some Meguiars Ultimate Compound afterwards to remove the scratches that will likely happen. Then wax/seal. You can add more steps but I wouldn't eliminate any that I mentioned.
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