MOTUL oil in SoCal...found a BITOG deal!

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Jul 6, 2004
Houston, TX
Maybe not an appropriate post, but I had been searching for oil for my "new" 1998 Subaru Impreza L Sedan that I will be autocrossing in H-Stock next year with the SCCA.

Local shop in Escondido, CA (near San Diego) has nearly all of the Motul oils on their shelf.

(2) 2-liter cans of 300v 5w-40 and (5) liters of MotylGear 75w-90 for $59 including 7.75% sales tax...that's about $15/ea for the 2ltr cans and $5/ea for the gearbox and diff oils. Retail prices I have seen run about $25 for each 2ltr can and about $10 each for the gear oil.

They said they are having a problem selling it, as their shop is circle-track oriented, and are willing to make a deal.

Maybe a good time for BITOGers to try Motul while it is nice and cheap?

Speed Dynamics
232 N Vinewood St
Escondido, CA 92029
(760) 738-5575
Thanks for the tip, James.
Quite a deal on the gear oil...
How's Seth?
Hey, that 5w-40 is indeed GREEEEEEEN, just like GC. Smells nearly the same as well. Nothing at all like the 4 quarts of old oil that inadvertently dumped all over the driveway when the drain plug fell into the hole in the drain pan :) Don't worry its all cleaned up. I stink.

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