Motorcycle Mobil 1 Trisynth

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I posted this to the old server long ago. Here it is again for your entertainment: Mobil 1 (API SJ tri-synth) 15w-50 for 3k miles in a 2000 KLR650 (water-cooled combined transmission single-cylinder with wet clutch). This oil saw a lot of abuse. Lots of clutch slippage on some tough technical off-road rides. It was also subjected to several wide-open-throttle freeway blasts in the desert heat. Bike had about 12k miles at the time. Lab was OAI. -----------
Water: <.05%
Fuel: <1.0%
[email protected]: (Not tested)
[email protected]: 13.3cSt
% Solids: Trace
Soot: NA
% Oxidation: 18.9
% Nitration: 17.1
TBN: 5.6

Spectrographic Analysis ----------------------
Iron: 29ppm
Chromium: 1ppm
Lead: 2ppm
Copper: 24ppm
Tin: 2ppm
Aluminum: 42ppm
Nickel: 0ppm
Silver: 0ppm
Manganese: 6ppm
Silicon: 11ppm <-- The OEM oiled-foam air filter 
isn't so bad after all.
Boron: 52ppm
Sodium: 4ppm
Magnesium: 958ppm
Calcium: 898ppm
Barium: 0ppm
Phosphorus: 805ppm
Zinc: 104ppm
Molybdenum: 6ppm
Titanium: 0ppm
Vanadium: 0ppm
Cadmium: 0ppm

Where did all the zinc go? [freaknout] [ January 14, 2003, 07:09 AM: Message edited by: BOBISTHEOILGUY ]
Originally posted by Jason Troxell: That viscosity sure is...interesting [Big Grin] [Wink]
I didn't see that the first time. That sheared a lot. [Eek!]
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Yes, that zinc level looks awfully low. I believe that Tri-Syn's barrier protection was marginal ... and nothing in this test leads me to believe I was mistaken on that point. [Roll Eyes] I've heard that the heavier weights of oil were spared the dramatic reductions in ZDDP and other metallic barrier additives. but, this level isn't encouraging. It seems to have started out low ... and then was depleted by the gearbox ... which still showed a lot of wear, regardless. [Roll Eyes] In another thread in the motorcycle section, I said a level of 19ppms of iron wasn't that great. I rescinded that assessment upon further review. [Embarrassed] These results, however, really don't look so hot. Can all that aluminum be coming from the case? Why so much copper ... but low lead and tin? [Confused] And, I really thought that base oil would have held up better. A test (admittedly dated) on Red Line's site showed this oil (weight) to be very stable in that regard. [I dont know] --- Bror Jace
Saratoga, NY
I have no idea what the zinc content in Mobil 1 15W50 Tri-Synthetic was. I had seen the lighter weights listing ZDDP as 0.75% ... which should be 750ppms (unless my quick math skills have failed me). --- Bror Jace