Motorcycle Extreme Hill Climb

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Aug 15, 2008
This is one of the newer clips but you can find more footage of this event on YouTube. Anyone care to guess what it would take to reach the top?
That was pretty cool. Gonna try that next time I throw my back out; see if it helps. grin
They are going way way way way too fast once they hit the rocks...... once you bounce, it's over. Only one to succeed will be one that can go over the rocks slowly (without bouncing)
No way to go slowly as steep as that is and then get to the top. Have to question the skill level of people doing this knowing they're likely going to damage their bike trying. Not watching it twice but it seems like it's just a few going again and again..
I've done a little hillclimbing in the 1980's on my big bore 2 stroke bikes. It looks easy, right up until you try it. The idea that something slow can crawl up a hill with loose traction is incorrect. They just dig in and come to a stop. HP is king. On sandy climbs, the spinning tires create thrust by displacing the sand. The higher the HP, the higher the thrust, and the more likely the bike will make it to the top.
I used to go to the Widowmaker hillclimb. Horsepower, a paddle tire often with chains, and an extended swingarm was just about the only way to have a chance. Most of those who were successful, burned Nitromethane. Going slow wouldn't get you very far. A 4x4 ATV without a seriously extended swingarm, would just roll over backwards.
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I used to hill climb when I lived in WV on my 1981 Honda XL-250 (first bike and I bought it new). Nothing like these guys though. The XL didn't have the power to really do anything serious.
Here's another one. Even with paddle tires and longer swingarms, it's still tough.
I don't know why the riders wear helmets. Trying to go up that hill shows there isn't much to protect in their knoggins to begin with! crush hide
I was wondering if a trials bike could get up...then someone tried one. As I expected, too much traction and it looped.
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