Motorcraft oil and filter

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Feb 22, 2009
North Carolina
What's everyone think of using MC blend 5w20 with a MC filter year round in an 08 F150? Any better combo out there for the money? Pennzoil YB maybe?

Toss a coin both are great oils. I favor YB but would have absolutely have no problems using MC oil in my Aerostar, which I run Dino oil in. The MC filters are good, I prefer Pure One filters, but have used MC filters w/o issue.
If you can purchase the MC blend for the same price as conventional use it. I use OEM filters, nothing wrong in that choice. Until recently I used QS Greenbottle 5w20 because it was the factory fill that Hyundai uses. I'll be away in PA til Sunday night, you guys enjoy the weekend.
I'd say so, there are some pretty impressive UOA's for both of them here on the board.
I would have absolutely no problem with using a Motorcraft filter and Motorcraft 5W-20 synthetic blend year-round in a Ford modular V8, anywhere in the US.
that is what i used year around in my 2000 F250, no problems at all.

MC 5w20 for a little bit then i switched back to MC 5w30 both with a motorcraft filter. now im using Napa synthetic oil because i bought 2 cases when it was on sale in Feb. when that i done i'll either go back to MC or find another sythetic on sale.

i was using a pennzoil filter and i was getting a huge amount of start up noises and when i want back to a motorcraft filter the noises all went away. The filter is a great deal for $3.67 at my local walmart and $3.99 at autozone.
Great combo! I just bought another case of the Motorcraft filters and 6 more 5 quart jugs of MC 5w20.
Can't go wrong either way. I like the economy and simplicity of simply using the widely available motorcraft oils and filters. I even use a motorcraft filter on my jeep and often used them on my Toyotas when I had them. Good quality, available and inexpensive. Pennzoil is great too.

This simplicity works.
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