Motorcraft 15-40 diesel oil in HD 1340 Evo

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Mar 8, 2004
Southland (Arkansas)
Blackstone Labs..MC 15-40 Diesel 3.5 Qts with 7.5 ozs of Valvoline EP...@ 2000 total miles on oil..1000 miles around home...1000 in Florida..80* + weather city and highway ..a hard run to the Keys from Daytona.. this is a modified HD 1340 Evo motor in a dresser(Bagger)..oil cooler, S&S oil pump, roller rockers, Accel air filter, Wix oil filter, heads shaved .057, lower end completely stock..the bike never showed signs of overheating I:E pinging or ran real good... REPORT; ALUMINUM 6 CHROMIUM 1 IRON 18 COPPER 5 LEAD 2 TIN 0 MOLY 142 NICKEL 0 MANGANESE 0 SILVER 0 TITANIUM 0 POTASSIUM 0 BORON 67 SILICON 7 SODIUM 4 CALCIUM 3341 MAGNESIUM 63 PHOSPHORUS 1076 ZINC 1275 BARIUM 0 TBN 9.3 SUS 70.5 FLASH 350 FUEL 1.5 INSOLUBLES 0.3 COMMENTS: My main concern was running a 15-40 oil when a 20-50 oil is recomended...what ya think??? I also have a S&S carb on the bike that I run a little on the rich side....031 idle jet...70 main jet...Thanks
Well the numbers seem O.K. -Iron is high though. That is probably due to the fuel which is too high. Its less than 2% but its still too high-look at the flash point=to low [Frown] Without the dilution you are probbly O.K. with this viscosity.
For the money and ambient , rodded up motor it did good . It sheared about 2 cSt's but bikes do this kinda thing to mortal engine oils [Smile] I see that oil has been reformulated betting soon it will carry the CI-4+ label . Knock it for low mag and boron compared to the last version but look at the crazy high TBN .....and thats Blackstones method .
I like the TBN. I am running this oil in a carbed Chevy 327 that sees occasional summer use, and gets stored all winter. I am sure the old tech carburetor puts more crap into the oil, particularly since I never got around to hooking up a choke, making cold starts a bit rough. I am thinking a high TBN oil is just what I need! [Smile]
Originally posted by SKUNKY: Question: What is in the fuel that causes the Iron to increase??
Well there may be other things, but the book answer is that it reduces viscosity and thereby film strength. It also dilutes the additives and decreases the base# , which causes more wear and corrosion.
Ok...I get it...I was a little retarted the other day when I asked the you think that the Synpower would seal the rings better then the VEP did??
It's doubtfull there would be much difference . The fuel is not helping seal the rings much though but fuel in oil with bikes go hand n hand it seems .You don't have much fuel in there compared to some analysis's I've seen though . BTW , Pennzoil makes a 20w-50 motorcycle oil not many people know about from what I've seen . 19 bucks for a 12 quart case is good pricing on it IMO and worth a try .Every thing else they make is good stuff guessing the bike oil is great too . They make a 10w-40 bike oil as well
thanks Motorbike...I can get the diesel oil cheaper and since I have to change every 2k or so cause of the fuel I think I'll still use it..
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