Motorad radiator cap, good quality?

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Aug 5, 2002
Silicon Valley
Bought an ACDelco 12R18 from rockauto for my Corolla, I was thinking that since GM also rebadge Corolla it would throw in a Denso radiator cap or something like that.

End up with a Made in Israel, Motorad look alike radiator cap. The label on the cap is yellow with black writing and a red M that looks nothing like the catalog photo (Japanese, English, and Spanish on it).

How good are Motorad non failsafe cap? I know they are probably ok for thermostat and their fail safe caps are not BITOG favorite.
Funny how I stumble across this thread three days after my Motorad failed on the SS. No other problems, just the cap. Dealer put that cap on when I bought it, barely over a year ago (needed coolant flush, I didn't pay for it).

Mark another vote for junk...
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