More cruzer mini issues

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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey

OK, a while back i posted about some hangng issues with my 4.0GB cruzer mini. I have a variety of files on the usb drive, and a large number of bmp and jpeg files pertaining to laboratory work that I do.

I believe that the jpg/bmp files cause a severe hang, and do so on all cmputers that I work on. what happens s that if I even want to open, modify, or rename a file, the programs used hang and operate exceedingly slow when working with these files. Worse yet, when I want to dismount the USB drive, I constantly am told that the device cannot be stopped at that time. Shuttng down the computer seems to make it OK to remove the device without data loss, but this is a real annoyance.

Previously, i was able to do the error check to see if there was any sort of issue with the files. However, when I open/modify these jpg/bmp files, on any computer, and then go to run the scandisk/error check on the usb drive, I get the statement that windows needs full access to the disk, and that some windows components on the disk are being used, do I want to run the check at the next restart. Windows components on my USB drive?!!??!? I dont think so...

I donthave any issues working with JPEG files on any other memory products, like my camera memory cards - it must have something to do with bmp files and jpegs soured from bitmaps.

I am really lost, I cant even run scandisk/error check on the drive, and I have to restart to get the thing out without issue. Scandisk never seems to find any problems when it is run, and the irus scanner doesnt find any isues either. Some of the files seem to open and operate just fine, while others bog down (despite file size always being the same).

What gives? Any ideas? Any suggestions?


Does windows explorer make little thumbnails of all your pics? Could be the thumbnailing process slows things down, you can turn it off.

Can you access the thing in a dos window perhaps?
it still freezes when just viewing details, no thumbs. or when going to file -> open
This used to happen with me when using XP Service Pack 1 on even 128 MB usb drives, manufactuer irrelevant. I suspect that since I would usually have just finished copying a file just before attempting to remove, the OS chose to put a lock on a file on the drive and did not properly release. I would simply remove the drive after verifying that no activity was taking place, reinsert and voila! - drive would appear as if nothing untoward ever took place.

I have rarely encountered the problem after migrating to SP2 which coincided with many driver and application patch updates. I would check both the default app and the app you have designated to open your jpg/bmp files. Try assigning a different app or checking if you have the latest patches or drivers for the apps and the cruizer. Good luck!
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