Mobil One 5w30, 6000 mi OCI - 2012 Kia Forte 2.0L MPFI

Sep 4, 2006
Flat Rock, MI
Heres a 6000 mile oci of Mobil One 5w30 ((GF-6A, API SP Resource Conserving, SP, SN Plus, SN)) 3.5qts mixed with
Service Pro blended 5w20 ((API SP-RC, ILSAC GF-6A)) .5qt

Kinda did the analysis because engine was making a rattle - Then Blackstone came back saying they didnt think the rattle was internal due to low wear metals. That prompted me to rip the engine cover off & voila! No more "concerning" noises, just crazy. I'm not sure how I am going to fix the cover where it wont rattle - theres metal screws going into plastic columns and those are lose as heck and I think if I only tighten them up they will just vibrate lose. Any suggestions to "loctite" course threaded screws?
Driving Conditions: 65% highway / 35% city all "spirited" or "hard" driving.
Service length : 4 months
SuperTech 10k oil filter (blue) ST9688
FVP P9070 air filter

12 FORTE - UOA edit.jpg
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Engine beauty covers are a cheesey way for manufacturers to disguise engine noise at the cost of increased under the hood temperature. If your car has lots of vulnerable engine plastic bits like coolant hose terminals and intake manifolds weigh the benefits.
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Seen too many failed coils, injectors, hoses..... tucked under those covers. Let them breathe. In reality, its a proper high end housing project for rodents and its removal reduced a critter problem. I advised and know many that tossed their covers while others didn't. Wasn't replacing coils/injectors on naked engines, and did replace plenty on the 'covered' engines. The engine cover probably had less R&D budget than GDI. We know how well GDI worked out. But, it sure looks pretty and hides the under hood mess of confused engineering. The automakers are so proud of their work that they need to hide the abomination under the hood.