Mobil 1 EP 0W20, 12,000 miles OCI, 2020 Honda Accord Hybrid

Aug 16, 2018
This is my second oil change on this car. The first one was done after 12,000 miles also. This is the second oil change. This second oil was changed at exactly 11,918 miles. But I just call it 12,000 miles oil change interval. At the time I changed this oil, the car had 23,953 miles on odometer.

The oil that was used was Mobil 1 EP 0W20 rated for 20,000miles by Mobil 1 with a Fram filter rated for 20,000 miles by Fram. No oil added during this run.

But you see I did only 12,000 miles on both oil and filter. But based on my TBN, seems I could have been ok going to 15,000 miles on the oil.

The new oil I put in the car is Mobil 1 EP HIGH MILEAGE rated for 20,000miles and I used a Mobil 1 EP filter rated for 20,000 miles also.

Blackstone recommends I go up to 14,000 miles on this current oil. I may be tempted to go that far.

What do you guys think?

Please, share your input about what you think.

Besides, the new oil I put in the car, I have already put 7,500 miles on the oil in 3 weeks because I am on a cross country roadtrip visiting National Parks where by the time I get back home, I would have put about 9,000 miles on my car.

If you want to see my trip and just look at my adventures and pictures, feel free to click on this link below...

Texas to Rte 66, Death Valley NP, Sequoia NP, Yosemite NP, Lake Tahoe, Loneliest Road in America, Glacier NP, Canada, Yellowstone NP, Grand Teton NP, Arches NP...
How many of those miles were gas engine or electric motor only? That may be a shorter OCI for the engine.
To be honest, I wish Hybrid car manufacturers had a odometer for when the car is electric only so we can know for sure. But based on how I hypermile when in town, my guess will be that out of the 12,000 miles I went before an oil change, I can guess that atleast 3,000 was electric only while 9,000 was gas.

That is my best guess.

Maybe someone who owns a Hybrid can give an estimate about his also.
I’d just follow the Maintenance minder. Especially since this is a new car. Push it later in the car’s life. This uoa looks fantastic and the silicon should be lower next time.