Mitsubishi galant??

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Apr 7, 2011
Ankeny, IA
Are these cars any good? Went on a test drive with a friend in a 2008 model with a 2.4. Seemed like a nice car but I have zero experience with the brand. Anyone who has experience please let me know. TIA!!
well mitsucrappi is the lowest performing japanese car company, they are lowest ranked in quality and sales. several years ago they decided each year if they could afford to stay in the U.S. if they left all support would be dropped. all parts would be via aftermarket.. it'd be like dealing with Daewoo.. good luck. their cars are hit & miss. personally parts are harder to find, cost much more money, they have extra parts that aren't needed. the 4cyl motors are easier to work on as well as gets parts for.. the 6cyl is sometimes a challenge. Personally I'd stay very clear from mitsucrappi.. even the TV's and DVD Players.
My experience with my old 95 galant 5 speed was good. Couldn't kill it. Now it's still in use, my friend has it with 190k. Frames rusting out though and won't pass inspection so he's dumping it.
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Are these cars any good? Went on a test drive with a friend in a 2008 model with a 2.4. Seemed like a nice car but I have zero experience with the brand. Anyone who has experience please let me know. TIA!!
I knew someone with a then brand-new 2006 Ralliart edition and WOW it was nice. Its sort of "average." People looking for an alternative to Camry/Accord but dont want a Subaru... Worth a look and if you like it, pick it up. it is for those that want to be "Different" and not go German.
When the Galant first came out, it was a pretty good choice compared to the Accord and Camry....provided you didn't mind eventually a little smoke on start-up on from some bad valve seals from it's 4G37. The KM175 transmission has a little sketchy reputation, But I've seen quite a few live long lives. It was competing against some tough competition. The redesigned 2004 Galant was already behind the Accord, Altima, Camry, and Mazda6 when it was introduced. And there it stayed. You could get a larger engine than any of it's competitors (3.8 V6 vs 3.5 V6es and 3.0 in the Mazda) but it didn't provide any additional performance vs the others. And, it still had a 4 speed automatic. I'm not sure if the latest Galant has the Mitsubishi variant of the GEMA 2.4 or a 4G69 "Sirius" engine. If it has a 4BXX, it will be similar to a Hyundai or Chrysler. If it has a 4G69.... well, they're not necessarily bad engines. Just well out of date.
The 9th generation still uses the 4G69 engine as the 4-cylinder choice. There are two 6-cylinder options, both 3.8L 6C75s (one is listed as MIVEC and the other is not).' I rather like the Galant. I rented an 8th generation Galant once to drive to Atlanta (about a 6 hour drive each way) and it was pleasant. I drove it around Atlanta for a week and then drove back. It was fairly quiet, with a compliant suspension...a nice little sedan overall. I also like the looks of the 9th generation version, and if it drives similar to how the 8th generation drove, I'd say I'd like driving it too. I do share another opinion, though, that parts may be hard to find due to the relatively low popularity.
I had a 2009 with the 6G75 V6, but had to sell it off for financial reasons. It was a great car, and good fun to drive. Cannot comment on reliability considering my short ownership experience, but two of my friends who have the same car (one's a 4G69 I4 though) are quite happy with them and have racked up quite some mileage. That said, I've personally had good luck with Mitsubishi products, and my Montero has been extremely reliable. thumbsup
Not sure on mechanical reliability, but I have seen some of the current generation and previous generation with serious paint problems. More than one has had peeling clear coat. It's probably partly an owner issue, but even if the paint isn't cared for at all, the CC should not be coming off in less than 10 years.
I would avoid them because they all have timing belt engines when all their nearest competitors have chains. Also, Mitsubishi automatic transmissions are really hit or miss in durability.
Durability? Reliability? I can answer all that. I have a 99 with the 6G72 3.0L motor. Original transmission too. Not one hiccup. I've had to replace the alternator due to a faulty bearing. Paint? Shines just as good as any new car, no fading, no scratches or dings. It even shines better than my neighbor's Versa. Current mileage on this car is 228k. Runs great, pulls strong and shifts smooth. All of my Mitsubishi's are reliable, and durable. I wish there was more sound deadening material.
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