mileage vs. usage ?

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Feb 28, 2003
Bradford, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Many vehicle manufacturers have similar vehicles with different gearing & different size tires. While my vehicle travels 65 mph at about 2100 rpm's, my neighbor's identical vehicle requires 2500 rpm's for 65 mph. Then the guy down the road has changed his tires to a larger tire causing a drop in miles shown on the odometer by about 11% (he has traveled 1110 miles when the trucks odometer shows 1000 miles), not to mention it seems like the engine would be working harder. Now to the question - How do we account for this when comparing UOA's on different vehicles?
I think he just meant the owner thinks he travelled x km's but actually travelled 100 miles more.. My odometer is off by 3% but I know that.. so 6000 miles on the odometer is actually 5820miles.
Why do you need to "account for" these differences? Isn't the point of doing UOAs so that the owner can determine what's right for <i>his</i> vehicle, & not "how it compares" to someone else's similar-but-different vehicle & driving conditions?
From the manufacturer, with different gearing and different tire sizes, like we see on pickuptrucks, that has all been handled by the manufacturer prior to you recieving the vehicle. The speedo is calibrated by either different speedo gears or by changing a parameter in the computer. I think you can generally assume that folks here who are so picky about oil are probably providing corrected mileage if neccesary to account for those changes. And yes, RPMS may vary between all of these, but thats part of the individual variability that comes into all of these numbers.
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