Michelin Defender 2

Feb 20, 2022
Yeah I'm the 235/75/15, hope they keep making Michelins in that size. It's a shrinking market though, so I understand that it may not continue.
Feb 19, 2006
Stewartstown PA
Generally, the higher the treadwear rating, the longer the tire lasts, AND, the harder the tire rides. Make sure you are going to be comfortable with your new tires. I go for less treadwear and a more comfortable ride. .02
Ironically-pure performance tires wear quickly and are likely harsher from a ride standpoint. Performance tires that last longer seem to have relatively better rides that outright performance tires that wear quickly. I imagine it may depend on the category of tires that are being compared and there are likely other factors that determine ride comfort… I remember driving on great fuel mileage low rolling resistance tires that wore faster and exhibited a harsher ride compared with non-fuel economy tires that lasted longer, got worse fuel economy, but had a better ride quality.