Mevotech tie rods

Feb 22, 2011
Had my Avalon in tonight, both outer tie rods and Lt inner were replaced.

When I was with my mechanic, I asked him what he was going to use....figuring he might say Moog PS (if that is even applicable).
He definitely does not ever try to put cheap store-grade parts on vehicles. I was surprised when he said 'Mevotech'. I guess we will see. They do have zirks, unlike the originals. Its high mileage, hoping to squeeze another 40k out of it. Just never heard of the brand. After reading a few threads on this line, I'm kind of scratching my head..... but again, he simply doesn't do the 'cheap' route when vehicles are in his shop.
Hit or miss have used some on front ends it's literally been 50/50 results
One was on a Crown Vic with mostly mevotech has held up decent tie rods and ball joints
Another was on a SuperDuty center link and tie rods Def didn't last as long as the Orig.
There has been a lot about Mevotech written lately. I suggest you type Mevotech in the search function. I happen to have Mevotech Supreme outer tie rod ends in a 210 Chevy Silverado. They’re just a year old. So far so good.
Their cheap line, you get what you pay for. I've had reasonably good luck with the Supreme line. they work as well as any other decent aftermarket suspension/steering components, which are rarely as good as OEM.

Their top of the line TTX line? Not worth the money. The silicone boots on the outer tie rod ends split in less than 5K. You get a cool green paint job, hexagonal shaped metal (that's quite beefy), but if the boot doesn't hold up, it's all moot. Not worth the money.
I used Mevotech Supreme upper ball joints on my old Dodge truck, 5 years ago. Also, the same on tie rod ends about a year or two ago. All seems good so far. They seem to be priced a bit below Moog, which some say is also largely offshore. I doubt that they can match OEM on some vehicles.
That's what any mechanic shop would put on a car across the country. Should be good enough.
That's what any mechanic shop would put on a car across the country. Should be good enough.
I believe O’Reilly is reboxing Mevotech as their MasterPro line, maybe Advance/CarQuest as WearEver - and those are lines many shops will install instead of Moog. White box or house brand seems to be preferred by many shops these days, when I see a truck leave the chains for a delivery.

One local parts house here dropped most ties with Driv(Moog, Wagner, Champion buy they still sell Fel-Pro and Walker) and sells only Mevotech Supreme line for chassis.