McCulloch MacCat 16"

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Jan 26, 2012
Hawkinsville Ga
A friend asked if I could look it over and get it running so his daughter can EBay it. It had real old (judging by the shellac smell) fuel in it and the jets were gummed up....cleaned them and it fired up and ran well. It looks like a pretty nice saw but the internet says otherwise. What are your opinions of this particular saw? I was thinking of maybe offering her $50....too much? It doesn't appear to have been used very much at all (very few chips and gunk). The bottom of the carrying case had a lot of bar oil laying but once I got it cleaned up it doesn't appear to be leaking.
McCulloch made all sorts of interesting things, including a gyrocopter. I had what was probably a very similar saw that I got a lot of use out of. They were around a hundred bucks in the mid 'eighties, so fifty for a like-new one is probably reasonable. This is not a Stihl, but you already know that.
I have an older Mac Cat 16. It has never failed to start and only gets used once every few years. I drain the gas and run it out after each use. Mine has a manual pump for the bar oil that works good but needs to be pressed a lot. I use it mostly for light duty work, but I have cut up 12-15 inch trunks after storms. For those the manual oil pump button gets annoying, but the saw performs well. Even though it is a manual pump for the bar, it automatically oils the case.
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