Mahindra Oil Filter Cross

Oct 14, 2020
I hope someone here can help me with crossing a Mahindra oil filter number 006013351c1. This filter fits the following Mahindra model tractors per their website:

mPower 85 SeriesmPower 8560 (4WD Platform T4)
mPower 85 SeriesmPower 8560p (4WD Cabin T4)
mPower 75 SeriesmPower 75 (4WD Platform T4)
mPower 75 SeriesmPower 75P (4WD Cabin T4)
4500 Series4565 2WD-T4
5500 Series5555 4WD-T4 Synchro
5500 Series5565 4WD-T4 Synchro
5500 Series5555 2WD-T4 Synchro
5500 Series5565 2WD-T4 Synchro
5500 Series5570 2WD-T4 Synchro
5500 Series5570 4WD-T4 Synchro
2500 Series2555 Gear T4
2500 Series2555 Gear Cabin T4
2500 Series2555 HST T4
2500 Series2555 HST Cabin T4
2500 Series2565 Gear Cabin T4
6000 Series6065 2WD OLD
6000 Series6065 4WD OLD
6000 Series6075 4WD OLD
6000 Series6065 4WD CABIN-OLD
6000 Series6075 4WD CABIN OLD
9000 Series9110P CAB
9000 Series9110S CAB
9000 Series9125P CAB
9000 Series9125S CAB
6000 Series6065 4WD CABIN
6000 Series6075 4WD CABIN
6000 Series6065 2WD
6000 Series6065 4WD
6000 Series6075 4WD
8000 Series8090 CAB
8000 Series8100 CAB
7000 Series7085 2WD
7000 Series7095 4WD Cab

I can't confirm the thread size because I haven't pulled the filter off yet. Wix doesn't cross this number and napa wasn't able to either, but I have found some other references to Wix number WL10366 on a single thread elsewhere several years ago but I can't confirm this. Following are the details for WL10366:

I can confirm the exterior overall dimensions are a match to the mahindra filter. If anyone can confirm this is a match, or point me in the correct direction, I would really appreciate it because my closest Mahindra dealer is 100 mi away and their filter is $40. I can order one but I would really like to cross this over to a locally available option.
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Oct 14, 2020
Well I guess the question was too difficult or I posted it on the wrong forum. Thanks for all the replies, have a great day!


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Jul 22, 2010
If you check the cross-reference sources, nobody has a solid cross-reference. So yeah, it is a difficult question to answer.