made an accidental discovery

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Sep 25, 2004
Marshfield , MA
I stumbled upon a way to make real gas by separating out the ethanol. I store my plastic fuel jugs outside of my shed in the shade. Some critter liked the smell and chewed the tip off the spout. Over the fall, the jug collected some moisture. When I last filled up my chainsaw, it wouldn't start. I poured the remaining 1/2 gallon into a juice jug. Instantly, there was a layer of amber about an inch deep, right on the bottom of the jug. I was burning brush today, so I poured the good stuff off into the fuel jug. I dumped the contents of the saw onto the brush to help it ignite. Then I lit the fire. It flashed so, it wasn't water. I tossed the amber stuff into a can and tossed it. It flashed too. OK, for grins, I refilled the saw with the stuff I had poured off the top. About 90% of the mix is what I had. Its 20f and the 37yr old Stihl has its original points and condenser. The mix is a rich 32:1 87 octane 10 month old gas. 5 pulls on full choke until it pops, release choke. Next pull, the saw roars into life. It is idling a couple hundred RPM higher than normal. The idle screw disappeared 20 yrs ago. The saw normally idles for a few seconds and dies. Which is fine with me, it has no chain brake. The chain is grabbing in fits and starts and the saw is just idling smooth. All afternoon I used the saw as needed. It starts and runs fine. It should, with no ethanol to slow it down. I'm thinking of trying to separate the ethanol out on purpose.
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Are you crazy? Throwing gas on a burning fire!!!!!! Ken
HA! Saw that happen once wink Dude tried emtyping a "dribble" out of a gas can onto a lit fire, WOOOOOOSH! Fire crawled right up to the gas can, he threw the gas can into the fire wink Almost like [censored] on an electrical feels so good you don't want (or....can't.....LOL) stop [censored] smile Then you get that huge SSSSIIIIIIIIIIIGHHH of relief when the valve shuts off smile haha.
It is by no means scientific. As for tossing gas on a fire. You're fine, if you toss a small amount from an open tomato can. I learned about gas and oil and fires at a very young age, thanks to Charlie Lach. We crashed and burned cars and brush and building materials, rode around on the fuel tank of a Cat D4, then climbed into the bucket to pick berries. I singed my eyebrows more than once. Normal stuff for a kid in the 50s. grin
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