M1 HM 5W30, 4.5k mi, 06 Infiniti M45


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Dec 23, 2020
Assuming these engines use tri-metal bearings, I'd go back to whatever produced the lower lead numbers.

The other thing is, seeing that this is a Nissan V8, they like thicker oil to begin with. A lot of people have had good results with these and the VQ motors on Xw40. I owned a Titan at one time and I can confirm it got better wear numbers on 0w40. I bought my Titan new and it never consumed any oil that I noticed, so as far as the consumption goes, don't know that a thicker oil would help if the rings are worn or you're putting oil down the valve guides.
This is an older OCI. Here's the latest:
Lead went down to universal averages on the same M1 HM 5W30 and I replaced it with Pennzoil Euro L (a very thick 30 grade at 11.92 cst).