Lug Nuts for Snow Wheels on a Mazda Van

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Jan 2, 2015
West MI
On my 2014 Mazda5 van, I'm running stock 16" alloy wheels for three seasons with all-season tires and will soon put on Mazda6 16" steelies with winter tires for the cold time of the year. I'm pretty sure the existing lug nuts are stock OEM. Should I use a different set for the steel wheels or are they interchangeable even though wheels are obviously quite different? Want to make sure nothing gets damaged/stripped. Wondering if other Mazda owners can chime in and perhaps even share part numbers for alternative lug nuts. Thanks in advance.
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I'd imagine the stock lug nuts will be OK; I use the stock lugnuts on alloy 3 seasons and winter steelies on my Corolla. They do mare the area where they contact both wheels, but it's no biggie IMO.
I routinely switch from steelies to alloys and use the same lug nuts. Never been a problem in 50,000+ miles.
I think in most cases, you should be fine, especially within one manufacture. It's probably worth double checking how well the lug nuts seat on the winter wheels though. I think most manufacturers that aren't Honda use the conical or taper lug nut seat, so you should be ok. When I had aftermarket steel wheels for my Element, I had to use different, taper seat lug nuts. Take a look here for some pics:
My 04 Camry came with alloy wheels. I had to put the spare on a week or so ago.The spare is a full-size tire on a steel wheel. The lug nuts work on both types of wheels.
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Look at the wheels. It should be obvious whether they both take conical or flat seated lug nuts.
I'll have a closer look. Was not very clear to me at first.
I vote for new lug nuts... I got a set of 20 for $10 shipped from ebay. Make sure the hex diameter is the same as your spare wrench. When you run your good taper nuts on steel wheels they get chewed up which can then transfer back to the "nice" alloys if they taper in the same spot.
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