Lubegard Power Steering Flush and Protect, does it work?

Owen Lucas

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Sep 5, 2021
My power steering system (05 Scion / Toyota) has never been serviced and I don't recall ever topping off the fluid, it is a little lower than I recall but still works great. It is pretty black though and due for a service after 18 years and 180k miles.

Do you expect this to work? The LubeGard website states:

"Through constant use and high operating pressures, other types of wear materials are also generated that degrade the system. The result of this pressure and heat is fluid breakdown, contamination, loss of lubricating properties, and varnish deposits. When power steering fluid circulates throughout the system of pump and gear, it picks up wear material as well as contamination from the breakdown of aging hoses and seals."


  • Safely removes deposits and impurities
  • Prepares system for new fluid
  • Conditions and revitalizes seals and components
  • Deters internal power steering fluid leakage from developing
  • May postpone or eliminate the need to replace power steering components
  • Cleans, conditions and prepares the entire system for replacement of worn components
Viscosity at 40° C 30-35 cSt
Viscosity at 100° C 5-8 cSt
Flashpoint (COC) >400°F
Pour Point 10°F

Lubegard PS Flush Ingresients.JPG

My plan is to flush the system with ATF until red fluid comes out and then add the flush, run the steering wheel back and forth a few times, then drain it to see if it actually removes varnish deposits or anything else not found in the regular flush. To show if there is any difference I will run the different catch bottles through a coffee filter as well to see what was picked up. I'll shoot the video and post the results later.

What do you think?

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Lubegard makes decent products. Though I've only changed the ps fluid in my 330k truck 3 times and the original is just fine to this day. Always used whatever cheap ps fluid and atf i have on hand. Don't think a flush is needed. With what that costs i think id rather just buy another $5 quart of ps fluid at wallys and change it again after a while.
I believe your Toyota uses Dextron in the PS system. I would get a jug of Maxlife or whatever.
There are a million YouTube videos on this. I use my MityVac in the return line to suck out the system and pull the new fluid through.
Easy peasey.

As JavierH19 posted, Lubegard makes good products. I would just use what Toyota recommends.
As Jeff said dexron works too and that's what I've also used. I've never done multiple changes just one and done. I used a little suction pump from HF

I had both wheels up then sucked everything out, then I moved the front wheels to lock then sucked out then turned again to lock in the other direction and sucked it out. After that i added oil back in and turned the wheels slowly to lock and added a bit more again then turned again and added a little more before starting it so the pump can run and slowly move the wheel to add a bit more in. And by wheel I mean the actual wheel not the steering wheel. You don't wanna add a lot because it can push it out and make a mess before it gets sucked in. add in small steps.
They are one company that I would trust to do no harm. Needed? Ehh, maybe not, but I doubt you'll hurt anything. I would just hedge your expectations that nothing miraculous is going to happen if the system is already working ok.


I do really like their Honda PSF. Actually a little more cost-effective than OEM Honda fluid, and like I said, I trust them as a company to have good products.
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What exactly is being flushed?
"Safely removes deposits and impurities"

"When power steering fluid circulates throughout the system of pump and gear, it picks up wear material as well as contamination from the breakdown of aging hoses and seals."

I presume they are talking about deposits of breaking down hoses, seals, and metal wear particles. Varnish is also mentioned on the Lubegard website.
I had a old Taurus that the PS fluid was black in it when i got it. Drained and 'flushed' with some Amsoil ATX fluid. It took a day to turn black again.. So I got a gallon of SuperTech AT fluid and started the fill and turkey baster drain. Once a day, twice a week, once a week, 2 weeks. Took about a month. I used a drop on a white napkin to see how much dirt was still in the system.

Worked great. The point is no one time flush will work.
Anyone know if Lubegard Red can be used with Power Steering Fluid ?
I have it in my Chevy for a while, worked fine. Have Maxlife in it as well as my Expedition.

I would not flush it, just drain and fill a few times over the next couple hundred miles.
Hyundai is picky about what PS fluid they recommend. Of course their own brand at $10 a pint. PS3 it was now PS4 for most. My Gen Coupe specs Pentosin CHF202 for some reason.

I use the Prestone PS fluid with stop leak in the Accent. Drove it a year with a dry rack when the high pressure line rusted out.
Used Maxlife in my 07 Corolla power steering and stays smooth when very cold. I’d probably start with a flush of some dexron compatible fluid then add that if you feel like it still needs it.