Low pressure P.S. hose?

Jul 14, 2020
I am going to replace the high pressure power steering hose in my 75 Chevy truck and need to replace the low pressure hose while I am at it.

What is the advantage to using low pressure power steering hose over fuel injection rubber hose?

I have 3/8 inch fuel injection hose but will purchase some low pressure PS hose if needed.
I'm thinking 3/8" is too little diameter for return line duty. They are usually way bigger O.D. even for pump return.
I am not sure if the fuel hose will be resistant to P/S or Transmission fluid? That is what you need to research.
I don't know if this is true, but I was told by someone who researches such things, that transmission cooler hose is rated for higher temperatures than power steering return hose.

I used the 3/8 TX cooler hose when I replaced my steering gear last s December, and a Knockoff inline Magnefine with the all metal body, andDual 14-16mm fuel injection hose clamps over that 3/8" ID return hose.
I have always used tranny hose for my low pressure P/S line in place of the steel line when they've started leaking/rotting.
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Ouch. If this is the case, I need to replace what I have on my Jeep. It’s been in use since early 2018.

Some FI hose (not normal fuel hose) are nitrile (NBR) core with a CSM cover which is fine but how would you know unless you researched it beforehand. If you see no softening or deterioration after 3 years I wouldn't bother changing it.
Thanks for the help I will pick up some power steering hose. I see that Advance Auto sells some they call J189.