Look at the new Sig 238 from Springfield Armory

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Dec 23, 2009
Central IA
Can't justify it when my Glock 43 is only slightly bigger but comes in 9MM. I did the whole 380 thing back when the LCP was hot news, but small gun = snappy gun.
It’ll be interesting to see a full comparo article and/or video between this and the Sig. That G10 trigger shoe sounds interesting. I don’t care much for the plastic trigger on my P938. Feels cheap.
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but small gun = snappy gun.
AND HOW! I have a P3-AT, and I won't let just anyone shoot it. Lots of women buy them "for their size", then find later that they absolutely HATE shooting it.
I had a P238 and it was the only 380 I've ever owned with an easy to rack slide. Also it had less kick than my Kahr 380. Sold it as I am not comfortable carrying cocked and locked. I've had several Sigs and think highly of their products and service. I'm sure the SA will also be a good handgun.
I'm finished with real compact pistols that don't fit my hand And frankly mid size guns really don't show or "print" anymore then a real compact gun. I am happy with the size of my Ruger SR 9C mid size and my big hand totally fits the grip with the magazine extension. It may not have the flash or fit and finish of a Sig or whatever but it works and that's what matters!
I was surprised as well when I got the e-mail from SA touting a new 380. It just doesn't seem like a super lucrative caliber, especially with the other quality models already on the market. Maybe it's lining them up for other calibers, like a 9mm version like the P938.
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Just another "Me Too" gun. shrug
CCW pistols are the hottest segment in the industry right now. It’s the only segment that really hasn’t slowed down post-MAGA. So, we’re seeing more products come out that fit that niche. The P238 & P938 are great Guns, by all accounts, and imitation is the highest form of flattery. So it’s no surprise that they made it. My opinion, it’s a good thing. The more choices, the better. Competition among the OEMs forces them to make better products.
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My opinion, it’s a good thing. The more choices, the better. Competition among the OEMs forces them to make better products.
For sure
A couple of years ago the rifle range I belonged to had a bug gun match and I knew how the actionshooters shot. Even the best shoters had problems with the small pistols levers and buttons and safeties. Sig 238 was hated after the match.
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