Long term report 2014 GMC Terrain

Aug 23, 2014
Just though I would share the long term ownership of my wife's 2014 GMC Terrain 3.6.

She bought it new on Sept 13/14 with 33km on it. Dark metallic grey with the chrome package, basically 18" chrome wheels, and chrome trim all around. Started with getting all service work(oil changes and checkovers)done at the dealership we bought it from. 2 times they overfilled the oil but brought it back and they adjusted to proper level. They did all service up to 75251km, then I started to, no reason other then to save some money.

I did get some extra service done there, AWD service(fluid change), fuel injector service, alignment, coolant change and 1 brake fluid change. At 80108km I replaced one of the power steering hoses(pump to rack) and fluid flush, and at 92810km replaced the rear pads. Don't know why they wore out faster then the fronts.

That is all that has been repaired on the vehicle. Vehicle now has 97000+km. On its second set of summer tires. Replaced the Michelin Latitude tours with Motomaster Hydraedge touring at 90354km. Liked the Michelins but the cracking on the sidewall just below the tread was getting really bad, lots of tread left though. The motomaster tires I really like, quiet, smooth, a little softer but a nice highway tire. Dose what they are supposed to do and couldn't beat the price at the time. $650Cdn, mount/balance, with 5 yr full road hazard warranty. 235 45 R18. Have Altamax Arctic for winter on 17" rims. Love them.

Vehicle gets mid 20's mpg. Worst 19, best tick under 30, usually 21-25.

Up to 75000km, got GM oil. Now it gets whatever synthetic is on sale, usually Motomaster synthetic and a FRAM PH10575 on a 5000km interval. Dose not leak or burn any. Airfilter change at 25000km(FRAM), CAF when I remember to change it.

We just use this for our holiday or long range vehicle or if one of the other cars need to be worked on.

That is really it over the 7 years we have had it. Going to be doing the spark plugs this month and serpentine belt. Due for another brake flush and will do the tranny service at GM before 100,000km.

This has been so far a very reliable, comfortable and capable vehicle for us. Can tow my sled(s), father inlaws fishing boat, my small trailer. Only real gripe I have is that not much storage in hatch area, but it is just the 2 of us and our dog, we make stuff fit.


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Just some background I manage used cars at a busy dealership, which means I appraise tradein, used cars.
The 5000 km oci is the way to go with these. I see quite a few come in with 130000kms or more for your age of vehicle and they go to the "as is" category.
Rust is the biggest issue. Paint quality is bad on these. Usually the quarter panels have rust along the wheel well edges. Just too expensive to fix. And then mechanically they get expensive to fix, steering components, timing chain stretch risk, and chasing dash lights.
Most seem to come in rode hard and put away wet.
Not beating on them and proper maintenance is the path for any car.
Wife had a 2015 Terrain DENALI with all the bells and whistles, bought new, great little ride with the 3.6, traded it in on our 2017 Regal GS, had a great PIONEER sound system.
Sister in law has had one a few years no issues …
I realize those are not welcome comments here but so what …
Nice review. But I still don't understand the 5K km OCI on synthetic oil, unless the vehcile gets lots of short tripping. I would think that 7-8K kilometers would be good enough.
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