Long Lasting 9012 Bulb Options?

Feb 4, 2022
Hey folks,

In my car (2012 Chrysler 200 LX) it is extremely difficult to access and change the headlight bulbs (9012, HIR2 halogens in a projector housing).

Because of this I'm looking for long lasting bulbs options to minimize the number of times I have to change them (in the middle of winter, at -40 degrees, when they will invariably burn out on me). It would be great if I could get something brighter as well, as I am not exactly satisfied with the current level of brightness, although it turns out that the brighter the bulb, the shorter the lifespan, apparently.

I've been trying to do some research online and I have to say I'm quite frustrated. Both Sylvania and Philips have something like five (5) different 9012 models, but don't list the brightness in lumens or lifespan in hours on their websites for any of them and I can't seem to find that information. So I can't even do a cost benefit analysis on brightness vs. lifespan.

Also, has anyone had any success with LED replacement bulbs? Phillips appears to have a couple of LED 9012 options now on their website. But it is very confusing because in some places they say it's for fog lights and in other places they say it's for headlights. I don't get it. And again, no specs regarding lumens or lifespan. Amazoning "LED 9012" brings up so many results of brands I've never heard of I can't make sense of it all. And many of these LED bulbs seem to have a large base which probably won't fit into my housing because it has a weather/moisture cap which leaves very little extra room behind the standard bulb's base.

Thanks in advance for any advice or thoughts you might be able to provide.
How could the price of that be only $5.52?
Bulbs have some of the biggest markups in the parts business, the reason is simply because people rarely buy bulbs proactively but instead wait till one burns out then its off to Wallys or the local parts store.
I have been using Hella LL bulbs a long time and never had any issues with them, I buy them from Rock Auto for cheap and keep a good supply.
I have compared the 2 pack I got from Rock to the package in the local parts store, they were exactly the same, the price difference over $20 more.
IMO, you should only have to replace bulbs once on a car.* I replace around 150k miles. by 300k miles the car is usually done... I drive 30 minutes a day in commute with lights on, 50/50 low beam vs high beam.

...and your searching skills suck, 9011/ 9012 bulbs are HUGELY popular upgrade for the 9005/9006 bulbs. Search for "9011 9005 conversion discussion forum" and there are lumen stats, and usually the "life" is printed on the back of the blister packs.

as long as you don't get oil on the glass,, or buy blue coated bulbs.