LED H4 bulbs are close to reaching focus-parity with halogen in reflector headlights.

Feb 27, 2009
down in the park
My biggest gripe I had with my Diode Dynamics SL1 LED’s was the awful color temp and CRI. Yeah, they’re “white” but it washed everything out, even more so in inclement weather. I’d love for some 4500-4800k LED’s that rival the Philips Xtreme Vision HID’s I had on my Durango. That was like driving with pure sunlight coming out of my headlights.

That would be my strong preference aswell. Luckily the car has bi-HID (4300K lo-hi projector)) and on top of that an H1 extra high beam which is also used for signalling. I currently have a Philips Extreme ultinoin LED replacement in there but it's not quite what I want.