Just when I thought the X-Mas rush was over..

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Jun 5, 2003
Apple Valley, California
Update on this thread about the Metal art salt and pepper shaker holders. http://www.bobistheoilguy.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=2395524&page=1 I wasn't having much luck with selling the black ones. I scored a whole trash can full of used horseshoes for free. So I was able to lower the price to $20 and I added a few other colors and made some minor changes. Been selling 1 or 2 a week, sold 6 on a saturday. I thought this was great. Then 2 weeks ago all heck broke loose! They started selling as fast as I could build them! About 4 a day after work and they would be sold by noon the next day. Then a guy liked them so much that he bought and prepaid for 20! Yes 20 and he needed them in 2.5 days. This would be fine if I wasn't already working 10 hrs a day. So I called in a friend to sandblast horseshoes, cut pipe, go get washers etc. I got all 20 done in time and I was ready for a break. We wore out the gloves in the sand blaster, wore out the glass in the sand blaster,ran the welder out of Argon, used up multiple die grinder wheels and have a huge mess to clean up. Thankfully my boss thinks this is great and lets me use the shop because I just got an order for 30 more.
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Chris, you should do a YouTube video on how you do them and have it go viral !! .......
Then other people will start making them,and soon they'll be all over and then people won't buy them anymore.
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Where would I get that many used horseshoes and RR spikes? crzy
You can find RR spikes by the bucket loads along the train tracks,or just ask any of the maintenance gangs that are out there.I work on the RR,spikes are garbage for us,so if you can take them from around the tracks,better for us!
Awesome! Milk this fad! Your boss must be pleased (if he's getting a cut.) OT I still remember when ebay was a consulting company that had a side project called "auctionweb". One would have to go to aw.ebay.com to use it. Then they decided the side project was the money maker.
Put your stuff on Etsy and see what happens. Its not just expensive art work. I found a taxidermy squirrel head necklace out there.(not purchased)
Have your guys call my guys. We can cut your part count down. Integrate your core competencies, outsource the rest if the bids make it feasible. Contract out your order fulfillment or it will strangle you. Good luck!!
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