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Aug 8, 2003
small town southern Ontario
Hi to everyone. Want to learn all I can from you on oil,filters.....Just bought a new car and would like to use the best 'dino' oil (5w30 winter & 10w30 balance). What is the best available 'brand' in Ontario? Is there a chart on this board that compares brands. Thanks in advance for your help!
Really no chart here comparing brands. Just lots of discussion. Mainly check discussions in this section and there is a separate section on filters. Also check the Used Oil Abalysis (UOA) for results on how oils perform. Really manufactures information is not that helpful. Lots of very, very knowledgeable filks here [Smile] I think you will find that Mobil 1 and Amsoil are the best performing oils as far as Synthetics go. For conventional oils- Chevron Supreme, Castrol, Pennzoil seem to do well. There are lots of canadians on the board. [Welcome!]
No Chevron in Ontario, so Pennzoil is probably your best bet, it's got good oil flow in cold and has shown good wear numbers in UOA here.
Would like to add Motorcraft to this list if it is available. I know Patman, no moly!!! [Razz]
Originally posted by Chris: Would like to add Motorcraft to this list if it is available. I know Patman, no moly!!! [Razz]
I believe it can be bought at Ford dealers, but probably at a high enough price that it's not worth the extra $$$ over Pennzoil which isn't too much at Walmart.
Originally posted by PJH: Penzoil over Castrol GTX??
I would say so, yes. Simply because Pennzoil has much better cold weather performance, so you might as well stick with the same oil all year round. Plus the shelves of Walmart are filled with 4 quart jugs of Pennzoil, I feel so sorry for all that oil being avoided, when it's such a great oil. There is still a lot of negative press floating about on the net about this oil, for no good reason either.
Originally posted by PJH: thanks to all - will go with Penzoil from Walmart!! pjh
I would have you say you made a good choice. [Burnout] I've always used Pennzoil and never questioned it until I heard some of the "negative" press on the net about it. Luckily BITOG set me straight. [HAIL 2 U!]
Well just came back with a 3.78L jug of 10w30 Pennzoil from Canadian Tire at approx $10cdn. Was same price as GTX while Mobil 1 is about $30! Will go with Pennzoil 5w30 for winter at $11cdn.
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