How to remove a Denso A/C clutch plate ?

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Oct 16, 2002
I am trying to remove the drive pulley from a ND-Denso (10P?17?) compressor (from an old 1992 Camry 5SFE) so that the bearing can be replaced. I just cannot get that outer clutch face plate to come off. I have already removed the 10mm bolt on the end and I believe it should just come right off (so that I can then get to the snap ring which holds on the pulley). However, this outer clutch plate just will not come off. You cannot get to the backside of it at all since it is recessed inside the pulley itself. I've sprayed it with penetrating oil, I've hit on it with a rubber hammer and a brass drift. I tried pulling/prying on the back side with a couple of nail heads inserted into the small gap (until I bent the plate edge) and I finally screwed a bolt into the center of it and tied a wire around the bolt to hold the unit as I bounced it up and down thinking that all of that weight of the compressor would surely jar off the outer clutch plate. Still, no luck at all after half a day of messing with it. The 10mm bolt is out so what could be holding this plate on (rust?) and what should I try next to get it off?
I don't think so. I already tried that route. These clutch removers are ALL too big for the small center hole in the plate. It appears they are for different makes/models of clutches like Sanden or GM cars, etc.. I looked at 3 different models/kits today (including the Alltrade kit and a trip to Autozone and Advanced Auto) and they all are much too large. Also, the examples on Youtube show the plate should just come off after removing the bolt -but of course it doesn't. That is what is so confusing to me.
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If there are internal threads on the clutch, you need a puller. I seem to remember Nippondenso required a puller, been awhile though.
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