How the air war evolved over Ukraine

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Feb 27, 2009
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Here's an interview of Justin Bronk by Ward Carroll. Justin and his team from RUSI wrote a white paper on the threats Ukraine is facing in the air war, and what they would need to defend themselves. There has been a lot more going on than we know from the media. Drones had success for a few days because the russian air defense had orders not to fire for example.

Also worth noting how dense the ground based air defense in Ukraine is and was. 300 ish S-300 systems for a start, that's a tough nut to crack for any airforce imo. Buk systems seem to perform very well in the theatre, they had 60 ish of those and received more from Finland. They also seem to work well for russia, apparently they use them to shoot down MLRS rockets and can track them back to their origin and send coordinates to loitering munitions (thats info from another website). Not sure it works effectively against Himars, but the extreme range of himars should put it out of tracking range and the coordinates won't be very accurate imo....
Not open for further replies.