Honda OLM seems way off

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May 12, 2003
On the wifes 2014 CRV, she's got about 4500 miles on it on factory fill. When we bought the car, dealership offered free oil/filter changes with life of car and then guarantees engine for as long as we own the car. Taking advantage of that. Got to looking at the OLM last night and it showed that the oil was at 60%. WHAT???? Now, these are 90% highway miles but wouldn't you think it should be lower than that? I was thinking it would be around 35%.
Summer highway miles would be the least wearing on the oil.

My last change at about 15% OLM was around 12000 miles! I would have done it a bit sooner but it wasn't convenient. This OCI went from Feb to Aug, several long distance highway trips.

I guess the highway trips keep the water purged from the oil.
On track for 10k mile OCI... sounds about right for that engine.

Put a quality syn in if the length of that OCI is outside your comfort zone.
When the IOLM shows 60%, it means the oil life remaining is in the range of 51% to 60%. This implies the oil life will be in the 9,000 - 11,000 mile range, which isn't all that unusual these days, especially with the preponderance of highway miles on yours. Toyota's suggested OCI is 10,000 miles for most models, which should give you some comfort tha Honda isn't an outlier.

Lots of posters here use 10,000 OCIs with success. My only reservation is that most do it with a full synthetic. My guess is that your dealer will use its typical bulk oil which, if you're lucky, will be an 0w-20 synthetic blend. You do have the dealer's lifetime warranty as a safety net, but it may be worth asking the question about what they'll be putting in the engine at oil change time.
Right now my Civic is at 15% after less than 6k miles. This OCI consisted mostly of short trips with maybe 1k miles of highway.

Considering yours is at 60% after 4500 miles of mostly highway, I think the OLM is doing its job.
My Accord is at 50% (41-50% life remaining) at 6250 miles. I'm running old PU in this car. Your results seem typical. No sweat man.

I change more by season (easier to do in spring and fall). I hate doing a January oil change in Indiana. I ignore miles on the oil. Do it when it's convenient for me. I could care less about getting an extra $8 out of my OCI.
The Acura (upscale Honda Accord) in my Sig will go about 11K to 12K miles before it gets down to 15% doing all highway miles. I stick with a 7.5K OCI because I have a huge stash of oil and I like changing it. I would have no problem going longer and still feel comfortable.

Most Honda's are very easy on oil, hence the really long oil change intervals on some cars.
Wow. Guess I'm still in the old school frame of thought. Now, I do run all my other engines out to about 12-13K with M1 EP, but that's M1. Dealer said they use a semi-synthetic oil at their dealership. Now, what I'm wondering is does the OLM programmers account for using that oil? I mean, there is no magical sensor that can detect what kind of oil your using so if you'd put some sort of non-synthetic in it, trusting the OLM all the way would be kind of like suicide eventually. Yeah, it's 60% remaining. Appreciate the reply's my brethren!!
Our Fit's OLM is supposedly calibrated for dino oil. It routinely has us doing 10-11k mile OCI's. I put in full syn oil for peace of mind. A UOA done after a long drain came back just fine on full syn oil. I don't sweat it any more.
FYI....OLM finally signaled at 9025 miles on the original factory fill and had the oil changed for free at the dealership. Wow.
Dont forget that it ticks down in 10% intervals. You may be 100 miles away from showing 50%. FWIW, my 2013 CR-V would tick down indicating roughly 10k intervals in the wamer months and about 8500-9000 in the winter months. The K24 is stupid easy on oil. Our Pilot with the 3.5 VCM on the other hand was only on pace to make 6500-7000 mile OCIs over the same driving conditions. Trust the OLM.
Oh I am, but sure like the dealer guarantee because I would not have if I was still changing the oil myself. Don't know about stupid easy, I had to put almost a quart into this new one last month. Not going to fret over it as it's still new, but I'll watch it and see what kind of consumption it has before this next OCI.
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