Help picking battery powered mower

Feb 19, 2009
The girlfriend and I purchased a new home, around 1/4 acre yard. Sold all my power equipment when I moved from my home to her town home last year. I had a Honda mower with the GCV160 for the past 10 years at the old house, Echo trimmer the same age and Hitachi leaf blower only about a year old after my cheap-o Poulan Pro one finally broke. They all worked fine, the Honda has had a few issues with the carb even though I treated the fuel etc. I don't have a shed in the new home and no space I'd want to put one. This got me thinking if i'd really want my garage smelling like gas all summer, especially with the cars in there. I think I may want to go all battery powered on this new set of equipment, mower, blower and trimmer. Being in MN, I may still keep a gas powered snow thrower but that's still up in the air. The ego snow thrower gets great reviews as well. Aside from maybe the gas snow thrower in the winter when fumes are much lower, the notion of no gas to mix, store, winterize the gear etc is very appealing. Anyone have experience with the ego line of battery equipment? Reviews seem to be stellar. Toro also looks like it make some nice gear. One of my only concerns is my new home is a walk out so has some steeper grade on the sides of the home. I don't know how the battery powered gear will do...
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I've had my EGO mower going on 3 years. Best mower I've ever had. Great battery longevity. I still have the 4 amp hr battery it came with. Cuts great too. I also have the EGO hedge trimmer, grass edger, weed eater and chain saw. The batteries are all interchangeable. I'd purchase again if one of them wore out. Top notch quality and dependability.
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I've had my EGO mower going on 3 years. Best mower I've ever had. Great battery longevity. I still have the 4 amp hr battery it came with.
How much mowing time do you get with that 4 AH battery? If I were to get a mower right now, I'd be seriously looking at EGO as well.
I get about 45 minutes on the 4 AH battery. I recently purchased an EGO 16" chainsaw that came with a 5 AH battery. Cost $200 refurbished from EGO (looks like brand new). I haven't had a chance to run the 5 AH battery on the mower yet. Check Home Depot for their refurbished EGO equipment. You can score some great deals. Warranty on EGO new equipment is 5 years, 3 years on battery. 1 year warranty for refurbished.
I mow a lot of ground, 5+ acres around the house, and I've researched most of the battery mowers. The EGO is without a doubt the best battery mower made. They are made like a tank. The only problem with them is weight, if you mow a lot of banks, they're hard to use. If your ground is flat, then you can't find a better mower, even a gas one is a real good comparison. Now, if like me, you have a few banks to mow and you want a lightweight mower, then I went with the 40v Ryobi. No, it's nowhere near the build of an EGO, but it's plenty good enough. I've used the one I have now for three years and it's a great mower. It will mow grass a foot tall no problem, maybe a couple passes to make it look nice, but it'll do it. On hills it's light enough to horse around and up and down. I can't complain at all with mine. I did take it apart and unhook the headlights, what a joke, I'm not mowing at night, just to get that extra little bit of battery life. I get around 45-55 minutes of heavy mowing per battery and I have two batteries, so I never have to wait. I like battery mowers so well, I wish I had enough push mowing to get an EGO, but I usually just trim with one. Now if they ever make a battery tractor with a 60" deck that can mow something like two hours at a time, then I'm in on that one. You just can't beat not having to worry about oil and gas, or spilling it on the garage floor etc.
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Home Depot has some EGO's with 7.5 AMP Hr batteries. Keep in mind they cost a fair amount more than typical Toro lawn mowers. However, my next one will probably be battery electric.
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Thanks for all the input. I'm leaning towards going 100% Ego equipment, even the snow thrower looks pretty good. Even in MN we rarely get anything more than 6-8" at a time now. If we do, I'm capable of shoveling smile I guess my last question is does anyone have a Ego that also has steep grade? My new home is a walk out so the sides of the house have some pretty steep grade. The final grading hasn't been done yet but looking at the neighbors houses it looks to be around 30 degrees. My girlfriend will use the mover sometimes so I'm wondering if AWD would be a better bet?