hard drive into optic drive space- size concern

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Dec 28, 2010
San Diego, CA
I have a Dell E6400 and am running out of memory on my hard drive. It should be quick and easy to use a caddy with a SATA 2.5 to replace my optic drive. My only concern is that it seems the SATA drives have variable heights and there are some comments online about the taller drives not fitting certain applications. Has anyone used the optic drive caddy and perhaps would know if size would be an issue? I want to go with a 2TB drive which limits my choices. I'm accumulating about 100-150GB of data from work alone per year so I want good capacity.
could you not replace your current drive with a bigger model? ultrabooks and other thin format laptops/tablets might require a 7mm or thinner 2.5" drive. most normal laptops will work with 9mm and thinner, 9.5mm possibly wont fit. is this a giant database or what? could you snag a 2tb 2.5" usb3 drive? If I needed a great work setup. I'd go for a 1tb ssd and either a 2tb external self powered usb3 or the hdd caddy option. edit: this is the caddy? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA0U00F04322 and it says upto 9.5mm so that should work.
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