green GC in the Austin-San Antonio corridor

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Nov 9, 2004
central Georgia
Better late than never, I guess...

I found 6 quarts of $3.99 M04 at a Kentucky Autozone while visiting my folks. I need to land 4 more quarts to get 2 complete OCI's for my car.

As a public service, would any of you Texans in the area let me know where NOT to bother looking [i.e. you cleaned 'em out]? Thanks!
The hunt is so exciting.
Is it still green GC hunting season in Texas?

I better check my green GC stash at the local autozone to see if it is still waiting for the next sale....
The pat booker store now has GC Gold. European formula on label & MB229.5 spec. You may find some gteen if you look in the back of the dispenser. Tho there wasnt any yesterday. New braunfels had 2 red label w 229.3 spec. Green oil .

I'll use it in my lawnmowers and tiller. LOL. The ole 93 Dakota uses M-1 XP and my 06 Vibe will most likely choke on GC. LOL
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