GM block heater therostat bypass

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Jul 26, 2015
Does anyone have experience cutting the thermostat end off their block heater cord? Will it cause any check engine light? Any other issues that could happen here? Info online is inconsistent. Thanks!
I can't see this causing any problems. I don't understand why they would make it so the heater does not come on when the temp is above 0 degrees F. I would cut off the end and replace it.
Could set p0116 code if difference between coolant temp and intake air (ambient) temp is 30 deg C or more. If you use a timer so block heater is on for no more than 2-3 hrs that wouldn't be a problem. If you leave it plugged in all night it could set the code. The ECM assumes the engine temp sensor is faulty, and sets fuel map for 80 deg C. Also runs cooling fans (if your truck has electric cooling fans). Happened on my 2005 Buick, I erased the p0116 code with a code reader, and am now more careful not to plug in more than necessary.
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