Garage and or shop pc

Nov 2, 2021
Just looking for some advice or what you members would choose. Would like to put a pc out in my attached garage,

option 1 - repurpose my bedroom 32” tcl Roku tv and purchase a mini pc

Option 2 - purchase all in hp machine

I’m favoring option 1, any good recommendations on a mini pc?

Mini pc’s I was browsing thru


***Forgot to mention my intended use will be web surfing and YouTube vids.
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Heated garage? If no, lowest temp you are likely to have. Humidity? A laptop to use only as needed would not suffice?
Attached but not heated.. 1st winter in sc and not exactly sure how cold the garage could get "50s" maybe. most likely I'll run a space heater only for the duration of time I attend on occupying the garage. Humidity your guess as good as mine whatever the relative humidity is at the current day of time. My laptop i use for personal use bill paying etc so I'd prefer a dedicated pc for web surfing and watching YouTube vids. Sort of looking for a get-away escape or so called man cave.
TCL roku tv has the YouTube app installed so that much figured out. So mainly my Facebook I use for side business and web surfing
A cheap Chromebook will do what you need. The purpose that you are using it for is precisely what they were designed for.
Get a used Lenovo ThinkPad, HP ProBook/EliteBook or Dell Latitude in the 14” class and a docking station. That way you have portability, the ability to use a external display(via DisplayPort or HDMI) and keyboard/mouse and you can run OE diagnostics software(like Toyota Techstream, Ford’s IDS, GM Tech2Win or GDS) with the right USB J2354 or other OBD interface that supports that manufacturer.

I keep a Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga around for that.
for me a good bigger laptop works!! i use it in the house + carry to the garage as needed to scan my Vw + now audi using rosstech VAG