FYI For Powerstroke Owners-Oil Filter related

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Nov 27, 2006
1/4 Mile Track
I already posted this in the oil filter section,but not everyone visits that section,so I decided to post it here for those interested.Got this from another message board I'm a member of.The moderator there owns the Powerstroke with the following experience:

I took the F250 to the dealership for an oil leak today that turned out to be the result of a Wix (Napa Gold) oil filter. I changed the oil just prior to my NC trip and upon returning I noticed a leak under it. I crawled under it and saw that it was coming from the top of the motor leaking down the back from the area where the Turbo stand is. It's under warranty so I just took it in to the dealer. They called me and told me the filter housing was leaking like a sieve. It's a recessed o-ring seal in an alum. housing that is just tightened until it bottoms out. There should be no way it would leak and I've changed it a dozen times before. The dealer told me he has had 4 trucks in over the last 2 weeks with the same problem. All have had the redesigned Wix filter that includes the filter cap. A new Motorcraft filter and filter cap and it's fixed. I've never, ever had a problem with Wix filters, but a quick google search turned up some stuff and there was an internal memo about it that the service writer mentioned.

I've also seen some reference to a problem with the fuel filters. Apparently there is a redesigned one for that as well and you can't mix and match the filters and filter caps or you'll have a nasty leak.

Just letting you know.
That's wild. I know I've torqued down my share of oil filters before, but I've never had them flatten out like that, or much less leak. Definently wouldn't be using those on my truck any more. One thing I have learned from this site from many years of reading is that Motorcraft makes a good filter.
just took a class on this at work. there are a lot of differences between the OEM and most of the aftermarket filters. ford has videos showing oil flow on the different kinds and it really makes you see why you should stick to OEM. unfortunately i cant link them.

we keep the 6.0 caps in stock because we were having so many trucks come in for oil changes where they had used an aftermarket filter on the prior change and the cap could not be reused. we have also replaced a few of the aluminum filter housings from overzealous lube jockeys somehow cracking them.
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