Fram Oil filters in ATV

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Apr 11, 2009
New Jersey
Just wandering I have a Suzuki Eiger and a Polaris Sportsman.. I hear all sorts of bad things about Fram car filters. Has any one ever had a Fram ATV oil filter failure??
I will probably be ran out of town for saying this but frams aren't the best but they're adequate. The only real difference is the end caps but those aren't all that important really. Ive used fram my whole life neverbhad a trouble if you want to make the oil changes longer than normal use a better filter otherwise fram is fine
I use the cartridge Frams in my Honda four wheelers and motorcycles. No problems.
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I use Fram's EXTENDED guard filter on my Polaris RZR. It's about $8-9 at Walmart and a LOT better and cheaper than OEM. I'd even use their TOUGH guard filter in a pinch. It is equal to or better than Polaris' OEM one (tough guard). Here is a pic of the EXTENDED Guard on the RZR. I had to remove some of the mud to show it.
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I've used Fram filters in motorcycles and ATVs for years with no issues whatsoever. I've even taken them apart after three successive oil changes on a KLR650 using the same filter. That's approx. 9000 miles on the filter and it showed no signs of deterioration. They seem to hold up as well as any other brand I've used including Honda, Kawasaki, Purolator, Kralinator, Wix...
The Fram CH6015 is a cartridge filter that fits many common Honda ATVs. I know it works in my 2001 400cc Foreman.
I'd be avoiding the OCOD or Ecore filters in anything that could get excess moisture/water in the oil, leading to media or endcap failure. That said, the Xtended Guard is an EXCELLENT filter.
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