Found! - Headlight Stone Shields

Jul 13, 2003
Tracy, CA
When I got the Acura Legend coupe way back in 2000, the previous owner had fitted some clear acrylic headlight shields. Over the years, they became old and cracked from the elements. No one made them anymore so I ran without any protection for a while.

When 3M came out with that thick, headlight film I found a source in Kent, WA that cut them to order but that film is less than ideal, IMO. The adhesive tends to block the already feeble light provided by the 9004 bulbs and it starts to cloud with age. If the lens has compound curves, the film doesn't conform very well even when a little heat is applied during installation. Also, the film doesn't cover the perimeter of the lens leaving it vulnerable.


- Stone hit the bumper cover, bounced upwards, impacted and took part of the adjustment nub.

Fast forward to three days ago. I just happened to stumble onto an ebay listing for Legend headlight shields. The seller had listed the manufacturer, GTS (remember these guys from the 1980's)?

I went to the GTS website (Home - GT Styling) and purchased them direct. Even though they make them to order, they arrived in three days. I purchased two sets.


- New headlight stone shields.

Normally, I wouldn't bother but some parts (especially body parts) are getting near impossible to find.