Ford Fusion 2.0L Ecoboost 1st oil sample

Apr 5, 2020
Channahon, IL
Background on car: 2015 Ford Fusion Titanium FWD, 2.0L EcoBoost I4 *Purchased used with 38k miles in January 2017 *Oil was changed by dealer during their once-over *First oil change under my ownership was at 43k *Have tried to stick to a 5k mile interval for oil changes, though I had to do two straight 6k intervals in 2018 due to circumstances *I've been using Pennzoil Platinum 5W-30 since that first oil change (I work at a shop, so I get a nice discount); filters have been Mobil 1 M1-102 or Motorcraft FL910S (the latter was the one taken off when the sample was taken) *Filter installed at most recent oil change was a K&N HP-1002, on the advice of a friend who lurks here (dunno if he posts though; this is not the same individual mentioned below); the reason for the brand change was some of the threads on here about the...issues with Motorcraft filters (said filter is going to be sent to '53 Stude for teardown) *Not sure if this is necessary to add, but it does have a factory installed remote start system that I do make use of.
MI. on oil 5,053
MI. on vehicle 86,653
sample date 5/31/2020
oil added 0 qt.

Aluminum 3
Chromium 1
Iron 10
Copper 0
Lead 0
Tin 0
Molybdenum 78
Nickel 0
Manganese 0
Silver 0
Titanium 2
Potassium 1
Boron 47
Silicon 11
Sodium 5
Calcium 879
Magnesium 583
Phosphorus 551
Zinc 616
Barium 0

SUS Viscosity @ 210*F 54.8
cSt Viscosity @ 100*C 8.71
Flashpoint in *F 350
Fuel % 1.3
Antifreeze %  0.0
Water % 0.0
Insolubles % 0.2
TBN 2.3
[Linked Image] Comments from Blackstone: Driving 20 minutes and then sampling cold may be the reason for the 1.3% fuel in the oil. The engine may not have gotten hot enough to burn off any residual fuel, and cold sampling can also result in more fuel showing up. It may be what thinned the viscosity a bit, but that's okay. Metals look good too. Averages for the 2.0L EcoBoost are based on oil run ~6,400 miles, and your metals are lower, so your engine is wearing extremely well. The TBN is 2.3, showing active additive remaining. Nice! Full disclosure on the sample: my drive to work is nearly 16 miles each way (about 20 minutes, give or take), the majority of my commute is spent on part of I-55 at 75-80 mph. The car had been siting for about an hour or so (don't recall how long exactly), but it was still relatively warm when I pulled it into the shop. However, shortly after I did so, we got busy, and by the time I was able to get the oil draining, it had been sitting on the rack for ~4 hours, so it had cooled off pretty good. I made sure to tell Blackstone this. Some of you might remember my first post here was a question about whether or not Pennzoil products were all they were cracked up to be, as someone had told me that they were worthless and didn't protect engines. This seems like pretty solid evidence that that individual doesn't know squat.
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Dec 4, 2004
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Ever since GTL arrived, flashpoints and shearing are prevalent with Platinum...... even with no dilution. Glad I have another year of oil jug backstock. I want to see some SP / GF6 Platinum UOAs, before buying more.