Ford Camber Bushings, how to decipher?

Nov 25, 2011
Seattle, WA
I'm in the process of aligning my 1993 2WD Ranger. I got an "alignment check" and have my current readings. The camber is WAY out. To be expected, as I recently put in a 2" leveling kit in the form of a spring spacer. I brushed off the dirt off of the current camber bushings, and am trying to figure out how to read them. Does the reading on the bushing go "camber/caster", or "caster/camber"? Or is it something different entirely? Current bushings: Left: BPM E97A-FA +3/8 -1/4 Right: BPM F37A-DA +1 +0 [Linked Image] [Linked Image]
The bushings change camber and caster at the same time. The bushings can be used in 2WD and 4WD vehicles but have a different affect on camber & caster changes due to suspension geometry. I believe the first number is 2WD. The slot references the installation clocking. Since the shop has a Hunter alignment system, just have them run the CAMM/ABC program that's built in. [Linked Image]
The alignment shop should know how to get the specs correct. I go to a higher end shop and tell them I want it to exact specs not the with in specs . I tell them if it takes more time I will gladly pay for the extra time .. The best alignment guys will know how to tweek the alignment to get the vehicle running straight as possible on the camber of the roads in your area.
Thanks guys! Trying to save some money, and figure this out on my own. The shop quotes ~$400 for the alignment, bushings, and labor to install them..
With the Hunter setup, they enter the engineering number off the OE bushing and it tells then what size bushing to install and how to orient them.