Ford 3.0 Camshaft Position Sensor Alignment Help

Jan 29, 2012
Hi guys, I'm kind of confused on this one as I've scoured the internet and there seems to be conflicting information. The official recommendation is to use the synchronizer alignment tool which is a small plastic cap, but I discovered there's two styles. There's both a blue (metal notch on the synchronizer is offset a bit) and black (metal notch on the synchronizer is centered) alignment cap. Which one should I use to align the synchronizer on my 2008 Ford Ranger 3.0? I bought an aftermarket Spectra Premium FD32 synchronizer that came with a blue alignment cap, but I'm not entirely confident that it's correct.

Product info and pictures:

The application guide here is super confusing:

Secondly, when installing the aligned (with the tool) synchronizer, does anyone know if the timing notch (right next to the crankshaft position sensor) should point to the harmonic balancer at 0 degrees or 10 degrees?

Help would really be appreciated for those who have worked on this engine!
Based on the Cardone part number, blue is correct for your truck. It looks like black is for the OHV 4.0 and 3.8.

I did the mark and put back in the same spot method, so I don't know on your second question.