Fixed Neighbor’s Mower That Was Junked, Give Back??

Why ? I don't get the need for permission to give away something that somebody discarded .
Mr_Joe is just a super nice guy who puts a high value on being meticulously fair to others, and getting
along with the neighbors. Sometimes when you are like that, some folks take advantage.

Let me share a story of my own to show another angle. how some people will sh*t on you if you are nice.

I help a guy fix the rear brakes on this truck. Our wives are friends, my wife asks me to help him out.
OK, we take it apart, and the rear drums are worn paper thin.
I tell him "dude you need new drums". He keeps whining at me, that he needs to get a hold of some friend of
his who can salvage (machine) the old drums for him. I tell him "look, there is nothing left to machine".
At this point it is Sunday afternoon, I have my day job Monday, so has he. Classic tarbaby, I touched it, now I own it...
If I do not have his truck back together by Monday he will be without transportation until next weekend and I will never
hear the end of it. I have no way out, his brakes are unsafe, I worked on them, I am open to liability if anything happens
to him. . .
So I say "Ok I understand why you are feeling that way, but I do think you need new drums,
dont worry I pay for them, I simply do not have time to screw around". Oh.. that was OK with him.

So the job cost me something like $100-ish in parts, we put it all back together, done. Same time, I had to pick up a
Chilton manual to figure out some non-obvious detail.
So he takes the manual (I just bought) and throws it in his glove compartment saying:
"When I sell this truck, it will look good for the new buyers to have that". I am standing there with my jaw hitting the
floor, but hey, live and learn. Give your pinky, some people will take your arm... Needless to say I have never helped him with anything
ever again. "Good luck with that, let me know how it went".
Some people do not have a sense of proportion, or fairness. You are far better off not explaining yourself.