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Dec 12, 2002
Looking to offload my B92 Browning, as the range has been classified to use sub 8mm ammo, regardless of source (rifle or pistol).

We've a service rifle comp, and I'm thinking (again) of casting.

Soo, have a couple of choices

I'm liking M39 Fin, refurbed and unissued

For a few hundred more can get an "Australian International Arms" brand new Lee Enfield in .308, chromed bore, some mixed reports.

For a few hundred less, a Lithgow SMLE, like my Grandad used to shoot when he was captain of his rifle club, and doing sniper training in the reserves.

Any thoughts ?
I like the Nagant in almost every other scenario, but for target shooting I would choose the Enfield for a couple reasons.

1. Much smoother and more refined action.
2. Better sights
3. More accurate, at least in my personal experience.
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