ELC coolant to replace Dexcool?

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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey
You gave a nondescript red elc. We’re not mind readers - nobody will know the chemistry.

Then you were more specific about Zerex green. Which is when I replied, and what I replied to.

This isn’t rocket science and the you said this, you said that is old. I’m not the only person who said to use something else, but you attack when I asked the question. Nobody else. Curious.

Again, it seems like you made up your mind before you started. So not sure why you even asked.

You don’t know what you have in the system. Multiple people indicated it may be a Dex clone AMAM coolant.

You (apparently) don’t know what type of “red ELC” you have.

You reject dexcool for whatever reason.

Just don’t mix silicated coolant with Dex cool or a clone. That’s how you get Dex sludge and the wife’s tale that somehow it’s inferior.

For me and my iron block aluminum head engine, I’m running JD Cool Gard II. And the extra bottle in my garage doesn’t bother me one bit.
Not open for further replies.